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Treat yourself with a retreat

In nature, everything consists of cycles. Everything turns, rotates, spins, circles, loops, pulsates, resonates, and repeats.
And so do we.
Take a well-deserved break - a retreat of reconnecting to yourself, others and nature. Cleanse, rejuvenate and fill up your energy levels so that you can move in another beautifully creative season with confidence, ease and grace, and can transmit that knowledge and self-care to the people you work with.

“Women are spinners and weavers; we are the ones who spin the threads and weave them into meaning and pattern. Like silkworms, we create those threads out of our own substance, pulling the strong, fine fibers out of our own hearts and wombs.

It’s time to make some new threads; time to strengthen the frayed wild edges of our own being and then weave ourselves back into the fabric of our culture.

Once we know the patterns for weaving the world, we can piece them together again. We can remake the world.”

Sharon Blackie

tune in

Where are you in your life?

We each have our own journey of learning, creating and expanding towards love and light, and we are all very capable of fulfilling our goals and objectives once we set our mind to it. But during the course of our journeys, we may encounter situations or people who seduce us off our path, convince us to follow a mode that is not in line with our true nature and lead us to making decision that are not at all serving us.

If you look closely at your daily behavior and thought patterns, you might actually be finding yourself following a very masculine mode of approaching the world and your work – one that consists of constant doing, being available, active and social 24/7, but that also leaves you feeling depleted and exhausted.

We women have a different way in which we can bring our unique gifts if only we learn to navigate our energy and schedules in a way that serves us and the communities we engage with.

Re-centering weekend is a call for women to really take a moment to stop and check in with ourselves – are we still on the path of our own truth and being the change we want to see?

We gather to stop and ask ourselves whether the path we are now following is part of the true journey we set off for.  Are these decisions in integrity with who we are? Are they coming from a place of love? Are they guiding us towards giving and receiving love?


this is your creative power

Reconnect to your center

Dive into your own center and join us for a wonderful weekend of connecting to our bodies and our feminine nature, shifting our perspectives and firing up our creativity, transforming the stories that are no longer serving us, rediscovering parts of us that have been forgotten, letting the love of a sisterhood take us higher, and letting the intuition guide our way, so we can all return to our communities recharged, inspired and happy.
three women in the nature
Woman beating a shaman drum
special moment between sisters
women connecting with nature
sisterhood with crowns into the forest

Reclaim your ground

This might be the hardest, the most pleasurable and the most important work you ever do.

With the Mother Earth always having our backs, we’ll explore the dark, fertile soils of our wombs, connecting back to the ancient wisdom residing within our pelvic bowl, learning to tap into this infinite source of energy.

We’ll relearn to flow with the cleansing, healing, changing water, expanding our creative range and finding joy and pleasure in all that is life.

We’ll let the winds blow their own freshness into our emotional hearts, taking away all that is outdated and ready to fall away, learning to accept all that is and exploring what could be by practicing awareness of our feelings and thoughts.

We’ll reignite the flame of passionate fire within our creative center, gathering up the courage for facing our shadow selves and dealing with issues from the past.

We’ll express ourselves and voice our needs through sound and movement, opening for new ways of letting our feminine power work her magic in and out of us and letting ourselves be seen by ourselves and our sisters.

We’ll listen and feel deeply into the stunning silence of the magnificent starry nights, letting our light shine through the darkness of the New Moon and opening the space for love and kindness to fill our beings.

By bringing balance to our bodies, minds and souls, together we are bringing balance back to the Earth, collectively healing the wounds of the feminine and through our work with ourselves, inspiring the masculine to create with beauty and pleasure in its formations, producing abundance in all areas of our life.

Program milestones


16.30 arriving to Ķegums train station

a transition from the city life – 15 km hike to the venue

welcome dinner & circle gathering


freeing the voice

releasing old relationships and attachments

cleansing energy field

ritual – Sacred Water


meditation on Receiving

dancing with the elements

inventing self-care practices – how do I integrate Re-centering in my everyday?

Love Shower




farewell breakfast

departure /

individual sessions

the sanctuary

Our home

We’ll stay in ”Rites” – the beloved training site of Piedzīvojuma Gars that is located in a beautiful remote area with just a few neighbor houses around, with the nearest town Ķegums at a distance of 15 km.

We will be living together in a close shared space on the 2nd floor of the house, taking care of the environment and each other by contributing to daily household tasks and supporting the community for common growth.

The training site has no alcohol and no drugs policy.
To support our retreat, no Wi-Fi connection will be available. We will have our own cook preparing delicious, fully vegetarian meals.


Praise for us

What our sisters say about Dark Soils

The circle of women, for me, was a sacred, pure space in which I felt that I was not alone. It had something that allowed me to feel myself, that guided me to get to know and explore the deepest part of my being.

I found in myself the need to admire the beauty of all the goddesses that I was being surrounded by and saying this out loud to them created a feeling of satisfaction. Humility. Truth. Beautiful women, empowered and free, wearing as the best complement their smile, letting themselves be in that room.
It was the same room we were in the previous 7 days, but, this time, it was different. The energy had changed. The atmosphere was very careful, fluid and delicate; but, at the same time, powerful and vibrant. It felt like something was being created there.

It was the first time I felt the feminine energy. The magic of sharing our presence, our creativity and our power to connect to create something wonderful. To understand ourselves better, to support us and to reaffirm ourselves.

The circle of women, for me, was a ritual that marked the beginning of the process of confirmation and seek of my identity, my essence and authenticity. The beginning of the exploration of my femininity, starting with the realization of how I understand femininity to perceive it as something unique and necessary. Something that I own. To learn how to use my source of power, my balance, my inner rhythms.

Melania Forte SuredaParticipant

The world needs sacred spaces, circles, both for men and women, where they can share, be open and vulnerable, receive love, acceptance, support in order to grow confident and strong.

We all need to feel we belong to a true community, where we can express our authentic selves, where we can embrace our creative souls, offer and receive the food our hearts crave for.

Dark Soils women sanctuary is such a sacred space, a true sisterhood where each woman is welcomed and fully accepted in her uniqueness. Here, women can let their souls heal, be seen and heard, be touched in multiple subtle ways by warm, caring hearts.

In this sanctuary, the true female energy gets cultivated, ignited inside each woman for a profound awakening of the womb to its true creative power. In this circle, it feels like home.

Mihaela Gavrilescu
Mihaela GavrilescuParticipant

For the first time in my life I am conscious of my gift of creation. Life, energy, creative force.
Pure awareness, feminine discovered in a sacred circle.
Mothers, sisters. Exploring the woman being in a fluent, powerful, gentle way.
Vibrant souls dancing in the moon fire, water wombs plenty of life. Welcomed and invited to express their nature. Fully committed.
In that moment, simply I was - being.

Women circles are, in my experience, a celebration of who I am, here and now accepting my duality, my ciclical waves, my phisical body perfect as it is.
Nourishing are the eyes of women mirroring my shades: curious explorers, fragile hearts, wild childish wolves. Hands in our hands, here, now, true.
I feel.
Expanding borders, connected.

Ritualizing, appreciating.
I am a goddess because you helped me feel my dance.

Erica Bertolacci
Erica BertolacciParticipant

I participated in a women evening lead by Rota and it was wonderful! The atmosphere was warm, welcoming and calm. It was a truly authentic experience where we were allowed to be in our natural way - beautiful, caring and happy. Without stereotypes and without pressure. Something to remember.

Laura AnsoneParticipant
space holders

Fairy team

Rota Guļevska

A forest fairy whose main drive in life is taking care for planet by helping people reconnect to themselves, others and nature.

Still being on her journey of exploring the world and her feminine nature, she wants to support other women in doing the same and bringing balance back to our planet.

Anita Mitriķe

A parapsychologist and a beauty magician that will help you feel into the endless love always flowing into your direction through various methods and rituals, will open the gate to the magic of knowing yourself and be free from fears, illusions and insecurities.

Come back to your center

Don't delay listening to the rhythm of your heart and following your dreams.
This is your time.

Only 15 places available.

invest in yourself

Contribution fee

The contribution fee for this retreat is a sliding scale from 70 till 150 EUR - you pay as much as you feel you have gained from the event.
The fee includes all food, accommodation and organizational costs.
You cover your own travel expenses.

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