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I am Being

are you?
Humans have become to be creatures of busyness, lively but meaningless activity.
So hooked on our phones, juggling several projects at the same time, one meeting after another. Even at times of rest sinking ourselves in depths of information, turning up the volume of the external world just so we wouldn't have to hear what's within.
We have become so disconnected from the natural world inside and outside that we do not notice how we are slowly but steadily destroying it.

But how long can we keep on going this way?
When will we understand that we are human beings, and not human doings?
How can we care for that which we do not know - our Mother Nature that sustains all life?

youth exchange

I am Being

An answer to the call that so many of us are hearing lately - a call to awaken to what's real and true inside of us, so we can transmit that wisdom to the communities we live in and the life purposes we are fulfilling. It is a retreat of mindfulness and active practice of awareness, just so we can return to our daily life recharged, centered and ready to face new challenges.


See for yourself what in your life is ready to be released and open the space for new freshness to flow in.
Try out various different awareness practices and share your own experience with others, exploring meditation, dance, yoga, artistic activities, mindful movement and lots of others, tailoring them to your own needs and unique lifestyle.
Learning in a circle of like minded souls, listening deeply and letting yourself be witnessed.


Letting go of what does not work and adopting the mindfulness practices and rituals that resonate with you most, you will also get to practice them in situations and environments where you might be forced to meet your shadow side. We don’t just talk about love and mindful living, we go all the way into walking the talk, offering ourselves the opportunity to grow and develop constantly.
Feeling it all.
Grounding ourselves into the reality we wish to see.


Create challenges for yourself to test your consciousness also when back home, taking all of the learning outcomes and good vibes with you, integrating an awareness practice into your daily life, broadening your perspective, becoming more authentic, expanding your creativity and clarity, moving from reactivity to responding, from defensiveness to openness, from drama to calm.
This is hard work. And you shall dare yourself for keeping your commitments to yourself.

Come, dear one

Retreat. Remember. Reconnect.

 Over the last several years, thousands of compelling scientific studies have found evidence that a regular, consistent meditation (awareness) practice can offer a wide range of healing benefits. It is a powerful tool in managing anxiety and stress, pain relief, restful sleep, cognitive function, and physical and emotional well-being.


​”The quieting impact this simple practice has on your bodymind begins to express itself in each choice you make. Your thoughts, selections, decisions, and daily actions become more conscious, leading to more intuitively conscious behaviors. Then one day you realize you have a broader perspective, a deeper sense of calm, heightened clarity, greater creativity, expanded grace and ease. You realize you are being more authentic. Your interactions with the world shift more effortlessly from reactivity to responding, from reflexiveness to reflectiveness, from defensiveness to openness, and from drama to calm.”

//Davidji, meditation teacher


So if you are someone who desires to create such a daily ritual, wishes to explore various options for practicing awareness and are committed to really integrate it in your life even months after the youth exchange, as well as ready to document and share your learning experience with your social circles as a result sharing activity, then this project is just for you. Also, you must be aged from 18 till 30 [for group leaders there is no age limit].
The project is open for female and male participants alike.

I am, you are, we are


Throughout the program of I am Being we go in and out of the stages of individual self-reflection, opening up to the world and the other souls within the circle, building up a spirit of community and togetherness.
We do this through such activities and methods as body movement and dance, learning to accept what is and exploring what could be by practicing awareness and meditation, connecting with the self and the environment while spending time in nature, expressing our innermost thoughts, feelings and dreams with others, learning to love all of it. You will be guided in this process by gentle facilitation, but taking your own time and pace throughout the journey.

One of our focus activities will be creation of a construction representing the cycles of nature that serves as a tool for exploring different perceptions and sensations, getting back to our body, grounding ourselves through crafting, learning to bring our visions to fruition and having the playground for us to practice mindfulness.

All of your presence and creativity is welcome. Bring whatever wants to come with you on this journey – be it musical instruments, awareness practices and methods you want to share with others, questions you want to deal with from the past, desires you want to nurture, or just your pure heart.

zero waste

A big change is coming

Seeing the rapid environmental changes happening in our world right now, it is clear that we can no longer live like we used to - we must adjust to the changing circumstances by updating our ways of being and interacting with the nature. We currently live in a linear economy where we take resources from the Earth and then dump them in a giant hole in the ground. The goal of zero waste is to move to a circular economy where we write trash out of existence. The circular economy mimics nature in that there is no trash in nature.

Coming from this understanding, for the first time ever we have decided and committed ourselves to making I am Being a zero-waste project as much as possible, wherever possible. We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot.

For this reason, we also ask you to take extra care for what you bring with you and how you show up in this project, limiting all waste both in terms of trash and unnecessary packaging, but also when using water and other resources of our planet.
There will be more information and tips shared after the confirmation.

our sanctuary

Come home

Rites, a beloved place for endless creativity, is the training site of Piedzīvojuma Gars and is located in a beautiful remote area with just a few neighbor houses around, with the nearest town Ķegums at a distance of 15 km.

We will be living together in a close shared space on the 2nd floor of the house, taking care of the environment and each other by contributing to daily household tasks and supporting the community for common growth.

The training site has no alcohol and no drugs policy. ​Wi-Fi connection is limited and we invite you to leave your electronic devices behind.
We will have our own cook preparing local, organic, fully vegetarian meals.

no time to waste

Time frame and costs

We are meeting on 6 June at 1 PM in Riga center for a registration, then go together to Ķegums by train, and after - on a hike to the venue.
The program ends on 14 June at 11 PM and the departure day is 15 June.
Plan your travels accordingly.
For participants from partner countries:
The partner countries of this project are Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain and Latvia.

Your travel expenses will be reimbursed up to 275 EUR for Czechs and Romanians; 360 EUR - for Spanish and Greek participants.
If you wish to explore Latvia, you can come/leave 2 days before/after the project dates. Covering all expenses during these days are up to you.

The contribution fee for this project is 60 EUR to be paid upon arrival. The rest of the expenses (accommodation, food, materials) are funded by Erasmus+ program.

For open call participants:
We have saved a few extra spots for participants coming from other than the partner countries.

It is still possible for you to take part in this project by covering your own expenses (travels + 295 EUR fee that includes all food, accommodation and material costs).

If you are interested in this option, mention this in the comment section of your application form.


Bring with you

Take the time to evaluate what you truly need and leave the unnecessary behind. Here is the minimum we advise you to take with you:

▼ comfortable, weather-friendly clothes for movement and stillness both outdoors and indoors,

▼ outdoor shoes (also suitable for longer walks) and indoor shoes,

▼ a sleeping bag and sleeping mat (also possible for rent at the venue),

▼ towel and personal hygiene kit,

▼ personal medicine if needed,

▼ reusable water bottle,

▼ flashlight,

▼ notebook and pen,

▼ ID, European Health Insurance card and all of your travel documents,

▼ you arrange your own insurance,

▼ everything packed in a backpack (ready for a 2-day hike!).

space holders

The team

Rota Guļevska

A forest fairy whose main drive in life is taking care for planet and helping Mother Nature by supporting people to reconnect to themselves, others and nature.

Kristaps Dzilna

A world explorer with background in meditation, bodywork and physics, contributing to the global awakening of the world daily.

About us

Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
We enjoy putting people into situations where they have to communicate, cooperate and communicate some more by providing a safe, challenging and flexible environment for them to learn, often outdoors, which we use as a tool for personal, professional and group development.

Adventure Spirit (Piedzīvojuma Gars - PG) is an experiential education organization focused on outdoors and development in a group context.
We want to drive social progress in the world through new and innovative projects, thus empowering youth adaptability to the ever changing circumstances, and foster a beautiful, sustainable co-creation between humans and nature.


Piedzivojuma Gars, LV

Solidarity Mission, GR

Cercul Excelentei, RO

Brno Connected, CZ

Projection, ES

I am Being

Are you?

what people say about us

Love notes from similar projects

Andrea Fleissigova
I could allow myself to be who I really am. Place where I could easily love, hug and cuddle others and myself. Place where nature was closer to us and we closer to nature. Also we were closer to each other as humans. Thank you.
Maria Grosu
This program really helped me to find peace inside. I learned to have more courage in showing my emotions and thoughts to other people. Really impressive experience! I recommend it with all my heart.
Christopher Solaman
I could explore myself and my surroundings, my relational patterns and raise my intuition. A place where I could finally open up my heart once more, and let my scars heal some more.
someone anonymous
A really nice approach of teaching/learning - there were no moments of facilitating, it was just pure friendship, sharing and teaching from heart to heart.
wish to do more?

Join our media team

We are also looking for media team members:

▼ a photographer,
▼ a film-maker for creating promotional videos of the project,
▼ a social media ninja to take care of our online activities on Instagram and Facebook.

If you are interested in any of those roles, add this information to your application form, and let us know about your creation so far by writing an e-mail to with a couple of examples of your work.

As a team member, you will participate in online planning and have the opportunity to experience the activities from a different point of view. Your contribution fee will be covered.

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